Nylon Conveyor Belt

Nylon Conveyor Belt
Product Details


Used for transferring nubbly, grainy, and farinose things at a high speed in a middle or long distance with great wallop. 


According to the performance of rubber cover, products can be divided into general and wearable types.



  • High intension, two times of vinylon, three times of cotton. 

  • Light weight, easy to install, save power 

  • Good flexibility, wallop-resistance, tear resistance 

  • Small thickness, lower the belt wheel diameter 

  • Easy to form a trough-like, to increase traffic causticity resistance, bacteria and micro-organisms proof  Specifications, strength.and wide range of options can be available.

Technical performance: 

  • The technical performance of the conveyor is in line with the standard of GB7984.

  • The appearance quality is in line with the standard of GB/T526 @The lowest temperature for normal work is minus 40 degree celsius.

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