A Perfect Linear Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen is mainly divided into a linear vibrating screen and a circular vibrating screen. The vibrating screen can be divided into a single-axis vibrating screen and a biaxial Linear Vibrating Screen according to the form of a vibrator. The uniaxial vibrating screen is a vibration- The motion trajectory of the screen box is generally circular or elliptical, and the biaxial vibrating screen is a double unbalanced re-vibration with synchronous orifice rotation, the horizontal or gentle inclination of the screen surface, and the trajectory of the screen box is straight. The Linear Vibrating Screen uses the vibrating motor to act as a vibration source, so that the material is sintered on the screen while moving forward. The material enters the inlet of the sieve evenly from the feeder and produces several specifications through the multi- The vibrating screen is a kind of circular vibrating, multi-layer and high efficiency new type vibrating screen.The circular vibrating screen adopts the cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and the offset block Adjust the amplitude, screening specifications.

No matter what kind of Linear Vibrating Screen, they have the following characteristics: Zimu-style, stamping grid design, 3-5 minutes to replace the screen can be completed, for 2 people can change, machine, screen long life , Low energy consumption, low maintenance costs. Equipment can be installed to any desired location and easy to move.

The use of Linear Vibrating Screen is wide, covering almost all aspects of life in the processing and Linear Vibrating Screen need to use all kinds of shaker! Mainly used for mining, coal, smelting, building materials, refractories, light industry, chemical, pharmaceutical , Food and other industries.