Analysis And Analysis Of Vibrating Screen Broken Perforation Reasons

High-frequency vibrating single-layer sieve (referred to as vibrating screen) in the use of some time, found its poly resin screen (referred to as the screen) frequent rupture perforation, updated within six months 18. On-site inspection, found that the replacement of the old screen all along the direction of its ribs piercing perforation, and mainly along the narrow ribs puncture perforation.

This paper analyzes and analyzes the reasons of the crack and perforation of the screen, and gives the precautionary measures.

Vibrating screen structure

The type of vibrating screen consists of the frame, the left screen frame, the right sieve frame, the polyolefin bearing beam (the support beam), the sieve, the sieve on the sundries, the sieve under the powder collection bucket, the vibration motor and the electrical control panel 9 parts. Wherein the screen is mounted on the support beam, and the upper, middle and lower support beams are each installed with one screen; the support beam is in contact with the reinforcing bar on the screen and serves as a support screen; the mesh size on the screen is 0.30 0.60mm, according to the beneficiation process and grinding classification requirements for configuration.

Cause Analysis

(1) screen reinforcement design is unreasonable

The screen has seven longitudinal narrow ribs and six longitudinal wide ribs (see Figure 2), the screen break through the perforation position in the seven longitudinal narrow ribs position. We found that the screen narrow stiffeners than the support beam narrow, not fully consistent with the support beam. The analysis shows that the support beam wide out of the screen reinforcement, can directly wear the mesh mesh, can cause the screen to accelerate the fracture perforation.

Intact and broken perforated screen contrast

(2) not replaced the wear beam in time

We found that the support beam after two years of continuous use, the wear after grinding tip, grinding and uneven phenomenon, sharpening parts like a knife-edge. The analysis shows that when the vibrating screen vibrates at high frequency, the grinding beam, the grinding and the uneven bearing beam will continuously impact, wear and cut the reinforcing bar of the screen, causing the screen to break prematurely.

(3) to the mine fabric problems

Observed that the production process there is uneven ore to the ore, to the mine is too large, too much to the ore flow and so on. If the screen to the ore fabric is not uniform, can cause the screen mesh local force is too large; if the mine to more than 300mm or too much ore to the ore flow, the greater impact on the screen. The above problems will cause the screen over the design load and carrying capacity, resulting in premature rupture of the screen perforation.


Vibrating Screen According to the analysis of the reasons for the rapid cracking of the screen, we have taken the following five preventive measures: First, to improve the ore conditions, reduce the mine to the poor, to reduce the ore flow, so that the ore cloth evenly. Second, with the manufacturer signed a quality assurance agreement to ensure the quality of screen supply. The third is to improve the quality of the screen installation, so that the screen 13 ribs and 13 support beam exactly match to ensure that the screen support area. Fourth, Vibrating Screen the timely replacement of the bearing beam has been worn. Fifth, in the absence of new support beam replacement, in the screen and has been worn between the bearing beam paving off the old bicycle tires to reduce and avoid the bearing beam angle on the screen wear.