Application Of Vibrating Screen In Grading Division Of Millet

Millet also called millet, millet impurity generally through the manual feeding or automatic feeding device into the vibrating screen of the central sieve surface, the sieve machine is running up by the inside of the two upper and lower heavy hammer and counterweight produced a cycle by the center and With the upper and lower amplitude to the edge of the trajectory, millet along the movement trajectory in the Vibrating Screen surface jump gradually rotating to the discharge port, into the barrel or feeder device. Depending on the size of the millet, a shorter or longer trajectory can be selected to improve efficiency or sieve accuracy. In the millet screening process millet impurity classification shaker has the following advantages:

1, high screening efficiency, screening accuracy of 95% or more.

2, small size, light weight, easy installation, easy maintenance.

3, the discharge port in the 360 ° position arbitrarily adjustable, easy to process distribution.

4, easy to replace the screen, suitable for dry and wet material classification operations.

5, fully enclosed structure, no dust pollution.

6, a machine with more, save time and effort.

7, to ensure that the characteristics of the material does not change. Vibrating screens can be widely used in dry, wet, fine, rough, heavy, light, liquid and slurry material screening, grading and filtration, so as to meet the customer's various sieve needs.