Factors That Affect The Service Life Of The Dewatering Screen

With the extensive application of dehydration screens in various industries, more and more customers are engaged in dehydration screens. So for the majority of customers to invest in Dewatering Screen customers, naturally hope that the use of Dewatering Screen longer life, so as to create more economic benefits for themselves. Is the life of the dehydration screen long? Do not know it does not matter, the following analysis of the impact of dehydration screen life factor.

One: on the Dewatering Screen bearing maintenance problems, many people are concerned about the Dewatering Screen bearing maintenance issues, which is more important to a detail. In the past few days a customer in the website directly asked our customer service, consultation is the Dewatering Screen bearing maintenance problems. In fact, Dewatering Screen at work, the main is to rely on the role of water. Water is difficult to soak the bearing, the bearing maintenance problem is also very important, do this work can increase the life of the dehydration screen.

2: In fact, the bearing can also be regarded as one of the main parts of the dehydration screen, and to increase the life of dehydration screen, it is necessary to increase the quality of the various parts. Our bearings are the purchase of Xinxiang bearings, because our company's purchase of large, so we and Xinxiang Bearing Factory, are perennial cooperation. As for the quality of the problem, the use of customers do not worry about the. And then there is the protection of bearings, our company's bearing protector can withstand strong acid corrosion, not to mention the general water, and is absolutely no problem, there is our company also promised, in general vulnerability Pieces of the case, the company can still carry out maintenance work.

Three: that is, Dewatering Screen vibration motor, our Dewatering Screen with the vibration of the motor, changing the past that the use of eccentric shaft drive Dewatering Screen vibration method, the use of a new style of vibration motor, it is not easy to splash water Above, you can extend the life of the vibration motor.

Four: Our production of Dewatering Screen side are added with stiffeners, the body is very strong.