High-frequency Vibrating Screen Vibrating Inspection And Warehouse Storage

Equipment in the factory needs call for precision Assembly and no load test, test indicators can only be shipped, therefore, after the equipment is shipped to the site, users should press packing list and complete sets of invoices checked the entire machine parts are complete, technical file has no flaws.

After the equipment arrived on the scene, do not use directly on the ground, should be placed stationary on a flat ties, and requested the distance above the ground not less than 250mm.

When stored in the open air to add anti-oilcloth covering to prevent wind and rain erosion. High-frequency vibrating screen

Referred to as high-frequency high-frequency vibrating screen sieve, high-frequency vibrating screen (high-frequency screen) consists of vibration Exciter, ore pulp Distributor, screen frame, machine frame, suspension springs and sieve components.

High-frequency vibrating screen (high-frequency screen), high efficiency, small amplitude and high frequency of screening.

High-frequency vibrating screen is different from ordinary principles of screening equipment, due to the high frequency vibrating screen (high-frequency screen) a high frequency is used, on the one hand undermine the slurry surface tension and high speed oscillation of fine material on the screen surface, accelerating a large density of useful minerals and on the role, an increase smaller than separating size item the probability of contact with the mesh.