How Does The Vibrating Screen Appear To Be Mixed?

First check the Vibrating Screen sieve frame and the sieve body sealing degree. Vibrating screen sieve frame and the middle of the screen are sealed to seal. Commonly used seal material is natural rubber and silicone. Vibrating screen in the use of a period of time after the seal will be deformed or broken. Xiao Bian suggested that users in the use of vibrating screen should be regularly checked the use of the seal, there should be timely replacement of damage.

Followed by the reasons for the broken screen. Vibrating Screen are vulnerable parts, different sieving materials on the screen wear is not the same. In the continuous operation of the screen at the same time the load on the screen is quite large, it will cause damage to the screen, in the production process should be timely and timely replacement. To ensure the quality of the sieving material.

Finally, the material on the Vibrating Screen surface of the operating trajectory, resulting in small particles and large particles of material can not be completely graded. Often this is mostly the problem of vibration motor angle. General shaker in the factory when the motor angle is adjusted to 65 degrees, the use of the material according to the screening situation to adjust the motor angle. To change the running of the material on the screen surface. So that the screening accuracy improved.