How Much Do You Know About Diamond Vibrating Screen?

With the development of high precision processing technology, the customer's requirement of diamond powder particle size is more and more thin, narrow particle size range, as a result of the diamond powder application field expands unceasingly, so there is fierce competition between diamond powder manufacturers, in order to improve the product quality and facilitate trade, there are a number of manufacturers on diamond screening equipment, in practice, because of the sizing method and particle size measurement technology reasons, between diamond fine powder and graded diamond grinding granularity overlapping phenomenon, diamond abrasive particle size classification of the most commonly used method is to classification method with vibrating screen, Usually USES is equipped with woven mesh sieve, sieve pore size is according to inch mesh to mark, sieving particle size to through and not through the sieve mesh number, before the customer regularly purchase ultrasonic vibrating screen for screening process, but there are some customers will hesitated because of the high price of ultrasonic vibrating screen and, at present, our company's network of high frequency vibrating screen just can satisfied with this kind of customer demand, the price of the common vibrating screen, the effect of ultrasonic vibrating screen. 

Electromagnetic Vibrating Screen(MVSz Screen)

High frequency vibrating screen is qing in the high frequency vibration on the basis of common vibrating screen below the screen clear network system, make the whole screen produces high frequency vibration, Make the large particle of material on the screen into a suspended state, to avoid material blocking the screen mesh, vibration intensity adjustable. Screen mesh of the mesh is suitable for all kinds of diamond graded mesh, and our company technical personnel in vibrating screen for many years production experience research developed a new type of enhanced screen box, increase the strength of screen box, screen mesh and screen plane sealing contact place, can thoroughly solve the ordinary vibrating screen mesh and screen frame contact material stock, leakage phenomenon, add up two sieve box sealing better, no leakage material, it is more convenient to install and use. Diamond powder manufacturers, high frequency cleaning vibrating screen you are worth a try.

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