How To Do A Good Job In Sealing The Leakage Of Activated Carbon Vibrating Screen

Activated carbon vibrating screen in the course of the use of improper operation, there will be blocking network leakage material phenomenon, how to do a good job of activated carbon vibrating screen sealing problem, to prevent blocking network leakage material, the following Huaheng machinery for everyone to explain our production of high-frequency network Why can vibrating screens solve these problems?

I am the company's scientific and technological personnel to sum up the experience of years of vibrating screen cleaning network, in the traditional shaker on the basis of the screen under the superposition of high-frequency vibration clear network system, the overall screen to produce high-frequency vibration, the screen material large particles into a suspended state , To avoid the material plug screen mesh, vibration intensity adjustable. In the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, mineral processing, abrasive, ceramics, powder metallurgy and other industries have been widely used for screen 10-635 mesh.

Our company's scientific and technological personnel in the years of experience in the production of vibrating screen and research and development of a new type of reinforced sieve frame, so that the strength of the screen frame, the screen side and the screen frame contact plane seal, can completely solve the ordinary vibrating screen mesh and Sieve frame contact with the material, leakage material phenomenon, the two sieve frame stack together better sealing, no leakage material, the installation and use more convenient. Has been the latest state-owned property rights patent (counterfeiting must study)!