How To Solve The Problem Of The Deviation Of The Linear Vibrating Screen

Remember to use a Linear Vibrating Screen users call the phone, said the linear shaker material delivery is poor, the material side of a direction, how to solve this? Today Xiaobian mainly for these questions to give answers, we hope to help.

1, linear shaker material delivery is poor. General linear vibrating screen appears this problem is mainly caused by the irrational installation of vibration motor. Under normal circumstances, the linear shaker in the factory, the shaker manufacturers will be debugging before leaving the factory. But in the course of the process due to the vibration of some of the components of the screen machine will appear loose phenomenon, which requires the use of manufacturers on a regular basis for the maintenance of the Linear Vibrating Screen. If you encounter difficult to solve the problem should promptly contact the Linear Vibrating Screen manufacturers, not unauthorized removal of the screen machine to avoid unnecessary losses!

2, linear vibrating screen out of a direction. This question has the following possibilities.

① uneven input. In the use of linear vibrating screen screening process of the material, should try to make the material evenly, to avoid the material in a direction.

② installation of the basic plane, spring bearing position changes.

③ sieve body itself weight error, center of gravity are not allowed.