Problems happend on vibrating screen and its solutions

We may find the following problems during using vibrating screens:

1. Materials piled up

When the vibrating screen is at the screening time, if the material is piled up on the screen surface due to excessive one-time feeding, it will increase the load of the screen, causing the collapse of the screen, or the screen is blocked due to the specific absorbability and adhesive adhesion of the screened materials on the screen, thus causing screen damage.

Solution: the vibration amplitude of the vibrating screen can be increased or the funnel type hopper is installed at the feed inlet

2. Poor screening media

Vibrating screen media is commonly used by 304 stainless steel material, carbon steel material and polyurethane material. 304 stainless steel is more durable than carbon steel material  but the most durable one is polyurethane material.  Although PU screen media is relatively high price, the service life and the efficiency are approved pertect.  If  the screen media['s quality is bad, the replacement should be done from time to time.

Solution: Find the right manufacturer of the screen media, to ensure that the screen media is suitable for material screening and quality and long life.

3. Machine's cleaning

The vibrating screen fails to clean the inside of the screen body and screen surface in time after completing the screening of materials. In the long run, there will be hidden fine particles in the screen surface and screen body, and the bonding place between the screen and screen frame will cause screen damage.

Solution: Clean the inside of the screen body and the screen surface in time after each screening to ensure the normal use of the next screening.