Is It Necessary For The Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen To Be Polished?

Normally, when the shaker material is 304 stainless steel, the equipment in the factory usually need to be polished before delivery. Different surface processing will make the stainless steel surface differences, such as food processing, pharmaceutical industry, health requirements are relatively high, in these applications, the vibrating screen surface must be smooth, smooth surface smooth vibrating screen, dirt deposition will lead to stainless steel Surface rust and even cause corrosion, so in these special industries require stainless steel shaker must be inside and outside the polishing.

In addition, there are some fine powder industry also need to be polished, polished, the sieve surface is not easy to contaminate the material powder, easy to clean, you can also filter other materials; other general industry usually only need to polish You can, so polished after the appearance of good-looking, in the course of the use of the above will not be stabbed hands.

Machinery and equipment usually do more maintenance maintenance, with the time to be able to do the consummate, the use was handy. In view of the vibrating screen, the repair work of the vibrating screen is divided into periodic inspection and monthly inspection, in order to understand the use of vibrating screen, and timely vibration sieving machinery to remove the hidden dangers to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

(1) Vibrating screen inspection: check the vibration motor, sieve surface, support devices and other parts of the bolt fastening of the vibrating screen should be fastened when loosened.

(2) Vibrating screen check: check the screen surface wear, vibrating screen found in the obvious local wear and tear should take the necessary measures (such as the exchange position, etc.), and re-tighten the screen surface. The vibrating screen mainly inspects the frame and the brackets.

As long as the usual work, shaker in use will not be wrong.