Light Mine Sieve

Light mine screen application and advantages of introducing

Light also called light mine mine sieve Shaker, light mine straight line screen, light screen, is an efficient light-screening equipment for mine.

By vibrating motor, body, mesh, vibration reduction devices and components, such as seat frame, using excitation of vibration motor, rubber spring vibration reduction and advanced self-synchronous vibration, suitable for ore, coke and other big, high efficiency particulate matter in a filter.

Light mine with screen with vibration motor for stress vibration source, fixed in screen box Shang two Taiwan same model of vibration motor do instead direction since synchronization rotating, vibration motor Shang of eccentric block in rotating Shi all moments location by produced of centrifugal force of points force along throwing direction for reciprocating movement, makes supports in reduction vibration device Shang of whole box along stress vibration force direction for periodic reciprocating vibration, material in screen surface Shang along line direction movement, according to need distribution right of screen network, material from into material mouth fall into screen network Hou quickly forward. to on material for grading processing.

Light of mine vibrating screens advantages:

1, high sieving capacity, large capacity.

2, the screen uses high-strength metal mesh and durability.

3, machine is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance.

Install 4 tilt, vibration sieve, screen is made from small pieces of mosaic, mesh.

5, low energy consumption and long life.