Linear Vibrating Screen Should Pay Attention To What Is Selected

Linear Vibrating Screen in the selection should pay attention to the workplace and the machine size, equipment, material requirements and other objective factors.

Due to different screening materials, the requirements of the linear shaker material is also different, the food industry and screening and food-related materials, the machine material should be selected stainless steel or contact with stainless steel materials, clean and sanitary, so as not to affect the sieve Sub-quality. If the material for the chemical industry, metallurgical and other industries raw materials, contact with the material part of the choice of general steel material, the cost is also lower than the stainless steel material, and does not affect the use.

Linear Vibrating Screen running trajectory is a straight line, so most of the time in the manufacture, the shape of a rectangular, one to meet the material in the linear movement of the length of the operation, and second, the shape of the rectangle can make the largest screening area, Precision. Therefore, in the choice of linear vibration screening equipment must first consider whether the workplace allows, it is important to note that the outline of the linear vibrating screen is the actual footprint.

Linear Vibrating Screen Due to site restrictions and other reasons, can be made in the mouth of the article, in general, can be made out of the mouth can be made forward, downward, tilt down three conditions, in order to save the site can choose the outlet Stretch down The shape of the discharge port can also be shaped according to the actual needs of various shapes, for example, round, square and other shapes in order to facilitate the connection with the next process.

Linear Vibrating Screen Linear Vibrating ScreenIn addition there are screening accuracy, material properties and other factors in the selection is to be taken into account.