Remove The Vibrating Screen Bearings Must Be Very Careful

Vibrating screen equipment is the use of vibrating motor generated by the exciting force to drive the vibrating screen surface and the occurrence of a certain frequency and amplitude of the movement, to promote the material in the vibrating screen screen surface for continuous and uniform jump, and in the screen with the continuous Contact to achieve a variety of different sizes of granular material screening grading role.

In the normal production of vibrating screen work, there will be high temperature rise of the bearing temperature caused by shaker shaker speed slowed down the phenomenon, if found to immediately stop, and may cause vibration sieve bearing heat causes to troubleshoot, Repair, to ensure stable and efficient operation of the vibrating screen.

Linear vibrating screen exciter to drive symmetrical eccentric block structure to produce high-speed operation, when the equipment eccentric block in the long time after use or eccentric block dislocation, will lead to abnormal equipment speed. At this point to be timely replacement eccentric block structure, to ensure that the two lines of linear vibrating screen block size consistent, balanced operation. Linear vibrating screen bearings in the speed anomalies, prone to friction and temperature rise. Bearing the main reason for heat, in addition to the bearing in the assembly and tightness with the requirements do not meet, there is a very important factor, that is, poor bearing lubrication. Now, there are many users ignore this aspect of the lubrication technical requirements. Some refueling compound calcium base grease, and some refueling compound lithium base grease, the ideal should be filled with high temperature 3 molybdenum disulfide lithium grease grease.

Vibrating screen gear can be used according to the different season, respectively, 10 or 20 mechanical oil lubrication. Only good lubrication, in order to ensure the normal operation of the sieve and reduce the occurrence of accidents. When the linear vibrating screen bearing the lack of lubricants or lubricants to add does not meet the needs of equipment, resulting in linear vibrating screen maze sealing device plugging, will make the bearing structure temperature rise above the specified range, this time to check the equipment lubrication system , To ensure adequate cleaning of lubricants, if the phenomenon of clogging will have to remove the bearings for thorough cleaning; seals if damaged or bearing wear and tear after the phenomenon of wear and tear, etc., in time to replace the seals and bearings, re-adjust the straight line After the vibrating screen to start the screening of the material classification work.

At present, some users in order to solve the bearing heat and burning bearing phenomenon, the vibrating screen bearing the middle of the road by way of sealing open, switch to mechanical oil. The lubricating oil in the cylinder forms the oil ring through the rotary motion of the lower eccentric shaft to lubricate the bearing and the gear. Improved bearing lubrication, basically eliminating the bad lubrication caused by bearing heat, so that the phenomenon of burning bearings.