Rotary Vibrating Screen Screen Broken

Rotary vibrating screen sieve breakage is not a big problem, but if they can not find the reason for the settlement, it will cause frequent breakage of the screen, causing unnecessary trouble, customers can address according to the following reasons.

1 and disqualification of screen

Screen network quality of not standard, is screen network damaged of most common of reasons, screen network usually by upper and lower two part composition--child network (screen layered) and mother network (by force layer); child network and mother network Zhijian should close combined, quality poor of screen network by regular appeared mother network stretched tight Shi, child network no pulled tight, caused material of throwing force reduced, effect screening efficiency, caused screen network frequently damaged.

2, item in the screen stay online too long or too many items

Should be based on different models of Rotary vibration sieving and screening of material, adjusting feeding amount, takes too long to prevent items stay on the external, or excessive residence led screen tensioner failure, causing problems.

3, the screen frequency vibrating screen broken

Lack of vibrating screen tension, led screen fibrillation substantially, resulting in mesh or grid at the edge of broken broken.