Screening According To Different Uses Can Generally Be Divided Into Several Categories

1, preliminary screening

Loose material by size is divided into several levels, respectively, will be sent the next working procedure processing cost for each particle, known as the preliminary screening.

For example, in the concentrator using gravity separation, magnetic beneficiation methods, require ore has a certain particle size range. Thus before the sorting lessons, ore has to be divided into several levels, respectively, can be indicators of progress of mineral processing and coal. Certain tungsten mine in front of the gravity, the ore is broken into 6~12mm, 2~6mm and <2mm of the three fractions, were admitted to Jig with coarse, particles in Jig and hydrocyclone for separation. Coal is usually divided into coarse and fine grain selected, respectively.

2, advance screening

Before the material into the crusher, is less than in item Crusher discharge opening width of fine material screening out, only aggregates larger than the width of discharge opening into the crusher for crushing, which can reduce the load breaker, saving infrastructure investment, usually in the crushers fail to advance before the screening device.

3, the ultimate screening (also known as a stand-alone screening)

Items requested by the user is divided into several levels of granularity, as screening of products directly. For example, in coal preparation plant, coal directly available to users after the screen is divided into different levels; in the fertilizer industry is winning the ultimate finished product screening (2~4mm) bag provide after users. Others, such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other parts are all granularity required, supply the user settings before the ultimate screening device.