Suitable For Separating Sawdust And Stone With What Vibrating Screen

Sawdust refers to the wood chips that are scattered from the trees when they are cut in wood. Sawdust contains a lot of branches and stones, this time you need to use a linear vibrating screen to the sawdust in the stones and branches to separate. In order to allow the wood chips to be fully dispersed on the sieve surface, the umbrella feeder and the material control gate are designed at the inlet, which can increase the penetration rate of sawdust and control the yield. Conducive to screening operations, so as to achieve the effect of uniform screening.

All along, sawdust special shaker in the sawdust screening process, the blockage problem is serious, directly affect the efficiency of sawdust screening. The traditional sawdust sieving, are to practice scraper sieve-based screening, screening process requires staff to take the board or slab brush in the side from time to time to reciprocate the Vibrating Screen surface for scraping sieve, scraping sieve way two One kind is on the upper surface of the sieve surface, and the other is scraped on the lower surface. Usually also artificially hit the sieve surface in order to make the hook in the sieve saw the hook out the mouth. This mode of operation also directly affects the work efficiency, but also produced a production safety issues. The sieving process requires a man-made scrape screen, and the design of the vibrating screen is also a problem that can not be closed.

According to customer requirements for the sawdust industry designed a special installation of the umbrella feeder linear vibrating screen, completely solve the problem of screen blockage, sawdust, and stone completely discharged from the outlet, to improve the screening yield.