The Difference Between Round Dewatering Screen And Straight Dewatering Screen

There is no essential difference between the surface of the vibrating screen and the straight dewatering screen. The material is the purpose of sieving through the vibration of the screen surface. But the vibration trajectory of the different will directly affect the purpose of screening, so the user's selection is particularly important, so the user should understand these two devices to avoid the selection of errors caused by errors.

The circular vibrating screen is driven by the ordinary motor through the soft connection to drive the excitation force generated by the exciter to achieve the purpose of screening, circular vibration of the material on the screen surface was parabolic circular trajectory movement, so that the material as much as possible to improve The material bounce force to reduce the phenomenon of plugging, round sieve main screening than the major, large particles, high hardness of the main materials, is in the mine, coal, quarrying and other mining industry, the most widely used As the material on the screen surface movement time longer, round screen sieve surface and the ground angle than the vertical Dewatering Screen angle should be large, the purpose is to improve the efficiency of the material screening, try not to affect the accuracy of screening under the premise Only to improve the sieve surface angle, so the circular vibrating screen in the screening accuracy is not too strict. Round vibrating screen is usually used when the production of thick plate, the box material must be made of manganese steel, is to resist the process of screening materials The impact force.

Straight dewatering screen is installed by two vibration motors in the lower part of the body, and the circular vibrating screen is just the opposite, because the vibrating motor eccentric block is too small so the vibration frequency is higher, the material on the screen surface amplitude is low, so the material in the screen surface The movement time will be shorter, the production screen surface and the ground between the basic no angle. Linear Dewatering Screen main screening fine particles, the proportion of light, the hardness of the material is not high, usually in the food, chemicals, building materials, pharmaceutical industry, the most widely used straight line Dewatering Screen materials used in light plate or stainless steel sheet, Relative to the vibrating screen in the weight, amplitude, efficiency difference between the larger.