The Durability Of Each Component Of The Shaker Is Also Worth Considering

check the seal of the screen frame and screen of the shaker. In the middle of the screen frame, a screen body with a seal strip and a vibrating screen is used for sealing. Common seals are made of natural rubber and silicone. The seal may be deformed or broken after a period of use. Xiaobian suggested that users in the use of vibration screen should regularly check the use of sealing strip. In case of damage, it should be replaced in time.

LKLM Series Linear Vibrating Screen

the second is the cause of screen damage. The screen of the vibrating screen is fragile, and different screen materials wear differently on the screen. In the continuous operation of the screening machine, the load on the screen is very large, which will lead to screen damage. It should be replaced in time during production. Ensure the quality of screening materials.

1. applicability: The applicability means that the vibrating screen we choose can be adapted to the needs of the environment. For example, the workload of the equipment, the size of the equipment, whether the production materials can meet the high temperature of the environment, corrosion resistance and environmental space. Dimensional requirements, etc.

2. productivity: Productivity mainly means that the production capacity of equipment should be consistent with the output required by the enterprise. There should be no excess surplus, which leads to unnecessary losses, and there should be no overload.

3. safety: Safety is always a rule. The so-called equipment safety, refers to the equipment with protective measures, safe operation procedures, no major safety hidden dangers.

4. durability: Durability is also worth considering. It refers primarily to the life of each component. The long service life of the machine can create more value for us. This is all about us. Common aspirations.


energy saving: Energy saving is a hot topic at present. The production of all equipment is moving towards the goal of energy conservation. Saving energy means saving the production cost of enterprises, which is also the result we expect.

environmental protection: Environmental protection is always our hot topic. In the past, we had to pay for environmental protection at the expense of the environment.

vibrating screens are an essential tool for screening in many industries, so when purchasing linear vibrating screens, we must carefully select the ones that suit our needs. The small cost of equipment operation and maintenance saves the company money.