The Groove Between The Seal Plate And The Isolation Ring Of The Vibrating Screen Is Sealed With Grease

the eccentric block of the vibrating screen works relative to the external force. The bearing of vibration exciter should be lubricated regularly, usually every 3-5 months; After installation, please run for 2-4 hours and then wait for normal. And then you can use it; Anchor bolts are fitted with a lockout to prevent bolts from loosening and damaging the shaker. Adjust the empirical distance between the drop port and the belt to get a better distance according to the material size of the sieve feeder. If it is too large, it can overload or jam paper. If it's too small, it creates a flight scale. The sieving feed belt is in operation. As the left and right forces are not uniform in the unloading process, deviation is easy to occur. The control cabinet is designed with deviation warning signals and adjusting deviation bolts. If deviation occurs, adjust the deviation bolt.

ZZK Folding Screen Series

when the ambient temperature is below 5°C, the shaker needs to use 70 industrial gear oil. When ambient temperature is above 5°C, use industrial gear oil No. 90. The groove between the seal plate and the isolation ring of the vibrating screen is sealed with grease and the oil cup is filled with grease weekly. The amount of oil injected depends on the size of the vibrator actuator. Successive drops of oil indicate that the amount of oil is just right. If a lot of lubricant spills, the oil level is too high, otherwise the oil level is too low. Whether the screen surface or exit of the vibrating screen is horizontal is directly related to the shielding effect of the equipment. If it is not horizontal, it should be adjusted. If the pre-tensioning process of the sieve is not good, the sieve will not be tightened when the bottom of the vibrating sieve is tightened, and the throwing force will be greatly reduced when performing the task. Chip should not be emptied.

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vibrating screen is the vibration equipment we often use now. During use, it can better perform filtering functions. And then there's one thing that's very important to us, in addition to usage, which is delivery, which we're delivering. We need to constantly improve our service before we can better achieve our goals: For the shaker, we need to do the following:

1. we need to delivery to our crane inspections components, mainly check whether complete vibrating screen assembly and flawed.

2. this is also important for our promotion and we need to improve our balance a lot so that we can deliver the shakers better.

3. we need to sort out and package instruction manuals, wait for delivery, and then achieve our goals and achieve our value so that we can achieve our goals.