The Importance Of Linear Vibrating Screen In Pharmaceutical Industry

Linear vibrating screen is one of the most common screening equipment, commonly used in chemical, building materials, abrasive industry, but in the pharmaceutical industry, linear vibrating screen is also often used. We all know that the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of equipment, health has a high demand, linear vibrating screen is no exception, then the pharmaceutical industry with a linear vibrating screen in the production of what are the requirements?

As the pharmaceutical industry on the health requirements are very high, so the use of linear vibrating screen material must be selected 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, contact material part does not allow stains and impurities, so rubber parts, but also need to meet the medical and food hygiene standards (silicone material) And the screening industry that the pharmaceutical industry needs to use must pass the production standards.

In fact, as a less complex linear vibrating screen, the so-called standard, in fact, in the material, must be 304 stainless steel, the choice of seals, must choose the pharmaceutical level, the equipment must be carefully cleaned with alcohol Over, linear shaker internal requirements must be polished, clean and sanitary, smooth, no spots, no burrs.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the application of circular vibrating screen is also very broad, whether in the Western medicine industry or in the Chinese medicine industry, shaker is one of the essential equipment. In the production and processing of drugs, ultra-fine powder can also be applied to the ultrasonic vibrating screen, I Division is a professional manufacturer of vibrating screen, fine workmanship, good quality, new and old customers trustworthy good products.