The Most Important Thing To Buy Dewatering Screen Is To Use Wood

The extensive use of sand and gravel has opened the door to the development of Dewatering Screen. After many years of improvement, the Dewatering Screen has been compared with the world's leading developed countries. In the production process, we all tend to buy a long life, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, the equipment itself is not too heavy Dewatering Screen. The entire sand production line, including crusher, Dewatering Screen, fine sand recycling machine, etc. are required in the use of materials on the durability of the wearing parts, to minimize the use of the latter part of the expenditure. The old is always dehydrated sieve is very easy to appear on the damage to spare parts, post-maintenance costs are high, and the machine has been bad only stop production, affecting the continuity of production and production capacity.

When you choose to dehydrate the screen must pay attention to equipment, timber. Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. production of new Dewatering Screen made of ceramic parts wear parts, many people do not understand why use ceramic pieces, that is easy to break. In fact, ceramic pieces not only will not be broken, but also has a very high wear resistance and good corrosion resistance. Before the use of hard alloy or high-chromium cast iron material, so that the quality is very unstable, easy to corrosion, easy to wear, it is easy to be broken pieces of metal. So when the purchase of Dewatering Screen must be optimistic about what parts to use spare parts to manufacture. Otherwise in the future production is very easy to cause damage to the situation.

The new type of Dewatering Screen has a large cavity, the horizontal installation of the spindle, in the operation for Dewatering Screen been widely used. In the purchase of Dewatering Screen when the best use of equipment to have a liberal arts, because the Dewatering Screen a lot of models, manufacturers are widely distributed throughout the country. You want to choose which kind of machine is suitable, is the quality of good to have word of mouth Caixing. You have not used to consult someone to use, you have no experience, please have experienced people to help you reference.