The Structure Of The Dewatering Screen Is Still Different

According to reports, in normal daily life, when we use a straight line Dewatering Screen, we need to pay attention to what aspects?

First of all Dewatering Screen, the main role is dehydration, dehumidification, disassembly, can be used for sand and gravel material washing sand, coal preparation plant slime recovery, concentrator tailings dry row, etc., also known as gravel Dewatering Screen, , Slime dewatering sieve, tailings Dewatering Screen and so on.

Second, although the same belong to the dehydration equipment, but the role of different materials, the structure of the dehydration screen is still different, such as sand washing sand production line of sand and Dewatering Screen and the commonly used tailings Dewatering Screen is different equipment.

Finally, the use of Dewatering Screen Note: After the trial run, check the above correct, re-tighten all the fasteners, screens and parts fastened intact, you can officially use. Prior to this, we must do this work: 1) the training of the operator should understand the structure of the equipment and the simple working principle; before work, should be ready to drive, check the rotary parts flexible without jamming, the screen intact, the Parts without loosening, bolt fastening. 2) no load start and stop the vibrating screen are generally used for crushing screening equipment or washing process, requiring the sieve machine no load start and stop. So the need to comply with the reverse process start, along the process of stopping the principle of process. Except for special reasons, no material parking is allowed. When there is material on the screen surface, you must clear it before you start. After the operation is normal, we can start feeding.

Dewatering Screen The above is a straight line dehydration screen of the relevant information, if you want to learn more about this aspect, you can continue to focus on our website.