The Vibrating Screen Plays An Important Role In The Feed Production Process

With the continuous development of competition in the feed industry, the domestic excellent feed production enterprises pay more and more attention to the study of the industry market.The feed grading process needs to use the feed vibrating screen, Henan Xinxiang is the screening equipment, especially the vibrating screen sieve Sub-equipment more advanced, high efficiency screening, by the user favorite, given the reputation of the artifacts of the sieve.

Feed production process

Particulate feed processing, in order to improve the production of granulator, reduce the energy consumption of granulation, the general use of large diameter die for production, and then broken into small particles. After the particles are broken, they need to be graded, separating the excess powder (the unformed powder in the granulation process or the powder produced during the crushing process) and the coarse particles (not sufficiently broken particles) Finished product processing section of the particles to meet the product size requirements. The pellet feed grade was carried out on a two-layer sieve surface. The upper sieve was sieved on the sieve, and the middle layer was finished. It can be seen that the mesh size used in the Vibrating Screen directly affects the particle size of the product.

(Mm) is 2.40,3.20,4.00,4.75,6.35,9.50,12.7 and the grain size of the mesh is 1.65 (mm), and the size of the mesh is 1.65 , 2.23, 2.92, 3.89, 5.21, 8.97, 11.5 and 1.16. It can be seen that the diameter of the mesh to be controlled is smaller than the particle size value. Feed shaker models have a diameter of 400mm to between the diameter of 1800mm. Can also be customized according to customer needs and special.

The cleaning of feedstuffs is mainly based on the difference between the raw material and the geometric dimensions of the impurities and the separation of the sieving equipment. The types and particle sizes of impurities contained in different feedstuffs are different. Therefore, suitable screening equipment, screen size, sieve size and screening method should be used in the cleaning section.