The Wind Selection Function Of Linear Vibrating Screen

The selection function of the linear vibrating screen is mainly done by the vertical air sieve. According to the aerodynamic characteristics of the seed, the speed of the air flow is adjusted according to the critical speed of the seed and the impurity, and the purpose of separation is achieved. Impurities are concentrated in the sedimentation chamber, and the better seeds enter the vibrating screen through the air sieve. Vibration screening two layers of sieve up and down, with three kinds of exports, can be mixed, small mixed and selected seeds discharged, the special requirements can be installed three screens, four kinds of exports, and more for grading.

Linear vibrating screen consists of hopper, frame, transmission, fan, duct and other five parts, the rack feet with four wheels, easy to move; screen and rack with split structure, easy to replace a variety of different Number of mesh screens.

Linear vibrating screen Working principle:

Linear Vibrating Screen First place the machine horizontal position, turn on the power, start the work switch, to ensure that the motor clockwise operation to show the machine into the correct working condition. And then the material to be filtered into the hopper, according to the size of the material particles to adjust the bottom of the hopper at the bottom of the material so that the material evenly into the upper screen; also make the upper part of the screen cylinder fan to the screen discharge side of the correct air ; The lower end of the fan outlet can also be directly connected to the bag to accept the light of the light waste.

Linear Vibrating ScreenThe lower part of the Linear Vibrating Screen has four bearings which are fixed in the channel in the frame to reciprocate. The upper coarse sieve of the sieve is the large particle impurities in the cleaning material, and the lower sieve is the small particle impurities in the cleaning material.

The side of the selection machine through the activities of the connecting rod and the motor driven crankshaft or eccentric wheel coordination work to complete the selection of the whole process of impurity removal.

Linear vibrating screen structure is novel and compact, smooth operation, compact and durable, high screening efficiency. Thus greatly reducing the labor intensity, improve the efficiency; is the food and oil safety warehousing, and can pest control, mildew optional screening equipment.