Three-way Rotary Vibrating Screen Installation And Adjustment Detail

Yuan Xuan vibration screen for its screening accuracy high, wide range of screen, simple operation, and many other features, has been widely used in various industries.

Right reasonable of using Shaker points equipment can effective of improve production efficiency, extended equipment using life, and right reasonable of using Shaker points equipment including customer received equipment Hou of first installation and debugging, first times of installation Yu debugging on yihou of equipment using has important of role, do installation and debugging work can makes equipment using more simple easily, points 7 step description Xia how on spin vibration screen do first of installation and debugging:

1, Rotary vibration sieving is normally installed in a flat cement base level the ground, can be fastened without anchor bolts; such as base ground is not flat enough, appropriate adjustment of equipment under the rubber foot to achieve the overall smooth vibrating screen;

2, because if the site needs, vibrating screen when installed on a steel pedestal, use bolts and to ensuring adequate support stiffness of vibrating screen, avoid using the device in the accident;

3 Rotary vibrating screen need a three phase switches, wire and connect to the power supply, electrical control panels to be fitted to the wall to avoid unsafe;

4, in front of the access control panel, you must check the electrical control panels are normal.