Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Needs To Work Alternately In A Stable Working State.

Since the starting resistance torque of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is large, and the two motor shafts must realize synchronous reverse operation at the same speed, the two motors must participate in starting. After stable operation, you need to turn off the power of one of the motors.

In order to ensure that the service life of the two motors of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is close, the two motors need to work alternately in a stable working state, so it is necessary to design a device to control the power of the ultrasonic vibrating screen. The device is mainly composed of SE556 chip, ORLS 74LS32 and OP07 chip with digital and analog functions.


The working principle is: when the power is triggered, the two motors are in the long pass state, and the signals of the two motors do not pass the time delay circuit.

When the circuit is stable, use a selector switch to keep the two motors in circulation. In other words, when the switch is closed, the motors A and B are in A state of random operation. At the end of the two motors' timing time, the corresponding delay circuit work and mutual trigger work will be triggered.

Due to the different delay time, there will be a difference in working time between the two motors, so the two motors will work under their own delay circuit.

For example, when the delay time of motor A is greater than that of motor B, motor B will first stop working, and motor A will continue to work under the trigger of motor B until the end of the timing time.

Trigger the operation of the delay circuit of motor B and Motor A until the delay time of Motor A ends, and then motor B continues to work until the end of the timing time.

Trigger the work of motor A and the delay circuit of motor B, and then cycle in turn until the end of the external work.

What should be done when replacing the shaker

1. Prior to operation, the materials used shall be strictly checked to ensure that there is no underuse. First check the switch of the equipment, hit it to the stop position, lock it well, and hang up the "control, no power transfer" sign.

2. Construction personnel shall understand the site and strictly follow the unified command of the construction person in charge.

3. Materials and accessories shall be stable, firm and placed in a barrier-free place.

4. When removing the parts, please pay attention to the symbols and place them in order. Do not damage the parts and avoid loss and confusion.