Vibrating Screen Need To Pay Attention To A Few Points

In the environmental protection career selection of vibrating screen need to pay attention to what:

1. Closed function: The sealing function of the equipment is to ensure that the dust in the production process does not escape, ensure the cleanliness of the production environment and ensure the safety of production. Oscillating screen dustproof devices include: dust cover, beam ring, seal tape, please carefully investigate the purchase of these ministries;

2. Plate of raw materials: oscillating screen commonly used raw materials for the Q235 carbon steel and 304 stainless steel two kinds of raw materials directly affect the quality of the production of goods, so do not change the nature of the material is optional equipment must pay attention. Specification of the oscillation screen manufacturers use the thickness of the plate: bottom bucket thickness of 4mm, screen box thickness of 3mm, its positive and negative value is not lost 0.2;

3. The choice of motor: the powder industry is not only the production of closed and the amount of raw materials, and that is the choice of oscillation motor. This is due to the fact that when the powder material is sieved, the dust density is too large in the production environment. If you touch the open flame or the equipment is running too high, it will lead to blasting and other safety problems. So the need for the use of explosion-proof nature of the oscillation motor.

    Above is the environmental shock sieve selection needs to pay attention to some of the problems. Striker oscillation is Xinxiang professional manufacturer of oscillation sieve, can be based on the user's production requirements are not the same as the standard scale, not the same shape of the screening equipment