What Are The Requirements For Chemical Vibrating Screen?

Chemical materials in the chemical industry are mostly powder materials, in the process of screening easily into the powder flying, and some materials in the air will be oxidized in the air to produce flammable gases, then if the fire will be exposed to the explosion, serious impact Safety of production operations, the general vibration motor in the run may produce sparks, not just sealed sieve box to prevent the explosion, which requires the use of fully sealed explosion-proof vibration motor.

Mentioned above the chemical industry in the material in the screening easy powder flying, the safety of the production of hidden dangers, which need to seal the screen set. Chemical vibrating screen sealing settings compared to ordinary vibrating screen to be more stringent. Not only need to bolts to tighten, but also in the screen box and sieve plate placed between a layer of seal to play a better sealing effect.

In order to prevent spillage of the chemical industry powder material, the outlet of the chemical vibrating screen is usually set to a round, so that the purpose of the design is to facilitate the direct connection of the sieved material to the next unit of the production line , Or you can also install the dust in the mouth of the equipment to adapt to the situation without the need to install the hose, through the above two ways to avoid the material in the discharge side of the dust spill.

Use and maintenance of vibrating screen:

1, vibration sieve machine before starting, should check whether the loose bolt bolts, if loose should be re-strong once.

2, sieve machine running for 4-6 hours, requiring smooth sieve body, no yaw and abnormal sound, exciter bearing temperature ≤ 75 ° C.

3, idle operation, the parts should be re-tightened once bolts.

4, the normal operation, the regular inspection of the fastener bolt fastening.

5, often check the wearing parts, damage or loss of elasticity of the vibration spring to be replaced. Screen cracks or wear, should be tightened or replaced in time. (Vibration motor used after 3 months after the refueling, the laser once a month, half a year a small repair, a year overhaul).

6, parking should be stopped before the material, to be finished after the screen surface and then stop.