What Causes The Linear Vibrating Screen Motor Seat To Crack

Vibrating screen users know that the vibration motor is a vibration source of linear vibrating screen, if the vibration motor chassis shock, damage, it will give the normal operation of the linear vibrating screen inconvenience. Xiaobian for vibration motor chassis damage reasons were analyzed, summed up the following points for your reference:

1, vibration motor power model selection is too large, exciting force is too large, more than the vibrating screen to withstand the normal load, long-term operation caused by damage to the motor base.

2, the thickness of the motor base plate design thin, long-term operation caused by shaking.

3, steel plate material problems.

4, welding quality can not meet the requirements.

5, the motor installation location does not meet the vibration mechanics specification design requirements.

The working principle of the linear vibrating screen has been introduced, the Huaheng mechanical technical personnel and customer exchange analysis, summed up the five reasons leading to linear vibrating screen work trip.

First, the vibrating screen vibration motor power short circuit aging;

Second, the vibration motor wire damage, a leakage phenomenon;

Third, the bearing damage or lack of oil, resulting in load tripping;

Fourth, the vibration circuit of the magnetic circuit performance degradation, resulting in excessive current;

Fifth, the vibration of the motor air switch, current protector capacity does not match or aging.