Xiaobian Teach You How To Adjust The Linear Vibrating Screen Motor

We all know that the vertical linear vibrating screen is installed above the horizontal vibration motor, is the only vibration source, with the motor vibration sieve surface above the material can be even straight forward to do a straight line movement and automatically discharged from the discharge port.

Our production of linear vibrating screen at the factory is tested by the machine after the factory can be sent to the customer, in the use of linear vibrating screen screening of the material size and specific gravity, the required vibration is not the same, according to the needs of the scene Can be adjusted at both ends of the eccentric block angle to change the size of the exciting force. If you want to stimulate some of the larger, the vibration motor eccentric block angle is small; the other want to stimulate the small force, the eccentric block angle can be adjusted to a little, according to the need to adjust the angle, Operation observation of the size of the exciting force to do a small amount of mobilization.

We all know that the screen is the most common vulnerability in the vibrating screen, the quality of the screen is directly related to the quality of sieve production and efficiency. So how to replace the linear vibrating screen screen how to quickly and rationally cut it? Huaheng machinery for you to explain the specific methods of operation:

The size of the screen is based on the type of shaker to determine the screen when the screen should first tile on the floor or table, the size of the amount of accurate, in the cutting, the width of the screen and grid width consistent, Length than the grid grow 50-70mm, not less than 50mm. Screen in the installation, the screen should be flat on the grid above, you need two sets of screen tension and then set, if the screen relaxation, Zhang progress is not enough, will directly affect the screening efficiency, If the process of the network if a little relaxation, please immediately tighten, so that the screen to maintain a tight state. After the screen is installed, according to the size of the material to be sieved in each small grid inside the bounce ball, jump up and down to play the role of clear network. Finally, the screen should be installed into the screen inside the screen box, when the time to keep the parallel do not tilt, grow the part of the grid to be placed on the discharge port above, so when screening materials is not easy Mixing phenomenon.