360 Degree Rotating Screen Bucket for Cat Excavator

360 Degree Rotating Screen Bucket for Cat Excavator
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Our company's products and the level of profit making tax are among the best in the industry and the cheap Great-Amplitude Shaking Screen, Ditch Bucket, Brick-making Screen are sold well all over the country and overseas. What we can achieve is because no one takes the cause of intelligent technology more seriously and seriously than us! We have established a complete after-sales service system to provide guidance and assistance for the problems and difficulties encountered in the development of the enterprise.


This rotating screening bucket is specially designed for sand and stone screening.  The efficiency is higher than that of ordinary sieve bucket.  Screening hole specifications can be selected according to the material size, which is convenient to replace and greatly reduce the loss of the machine and operation difficulty.  Grid specifications can be 20 * 20 mm-80 * 80 mm.  Mixed garbage, sawdust, building debris and etc. can be classified and screened according to size.

It is widely used in wet material screening, removal, excavation and filling, rock surface regeneration, pebble screening, sand beach cleaning and other occasions where thin materials need to be treated.


Widely used in construction sites, sand and stone yards, construction work,sandpit, concrete mixing stations, coal plants,metallurgical plants etc.

rotating screening bucket

We have put in place a professional technical research and service team that can select 360 Degree Rotating Screen Bucket for Cat Excavator that meet requirements based on customer needs and actual conditions. Our customers are all over the world, so we strive to ensure that our products and services are focused on meeting their growing needs. We aim to offer our customers cost effective solutions at the highest quality from material selection, manufacturing, and distribution. We constantly improve and perfect our products and services so that to create a first-class brand with long-term vitality.
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