50mm/75mm/100mm Thickness Polyurethane PIR/PUR /Rockwool/EPS Insulated Sandwich Panel for Peb House

50mm/75mm/100mm Thickness Polyurethane PIR/PUR /Rockwool/EPS Insulated Sandwich Panel for Peb House
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We provide good power in high-quality and progress, merchandising, revenue and internet marketing and operation for cheap Rotary Vibrating Screen, Stack sizer/Multi-layer Screen, Magnetic-vibrating Screen. We will continue to pay attention to the company's strategic direction and profit growth, which will further advance our leading position in the market. The company strictly controls the product manufacturing process, and at the same time provides follow-up services for the products that leave the factory.

A slurry distributor is reasonably designed for the sites where multiple screens or multi-stack screen installed. The best slurry distributor splits slurry flow into every stream evenly based on quality, weight, density and size distribution. A typical five hole distributor is designed with two cylinders, inner cylinder and outer cylinder, and five chamber are divided between the inner and outer cylinder. The slruuy flow is fed into inner cylinder and evenly disttibuted into chamber. The inside surface of slurry distributor can be lined both wear-resistant rubber and polyurethane wear parts. The plug valves is designed to stop slurry of one or multiple streams.

According to the site layout requirements, slurry distributor can be fed from the top or bottom. Sometimes two section layout may be applied when the screen quantity is large.

Our technicians will adjust the design to meet the special requirements for the distributor.

We believe that prolonged time period partnership is really a result of top of the range, benefit added provider, prosperous knowledge and personal contact for 50mm/75mm/100mm Thickness Polyurethane PIR/PUR /Rockwool/EPS Insulated Sandwich Panel for Peb House. By using modern technology at home and abroad, we persist in technical innovations and regard research and invent new products as our core competency. The cohesion of all employees of our company reflects the unity of individual interests and overall interests, ensuring the high efficiency of the company.
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