Electro Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab (Stone orange peel grab)

Electro Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab (Stone orange peel grab)
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We will continue to deepen cooperation, innovate and develop more high-quality Sieve Bucket, PU Panel, Woven Wire Cloth. We strive to accumulate the strength to move forward, no matter how difficult the route is, we are ready to go and look forward to walking with you and climbing the peak. In the future we will establish more strategic partners in the international market. On the basis of the principles of mutual promotion, complementary benefits and mutual advantage, we are prepared to engage and cooperate with more clients. Our products and services are recognized by many well-known enterprises and become their designated suppliers.

The orange peel grad has high working efficiency. The unique jaw flap curve is particularly conducive to the loading and unloading of irregular shape materials such as scrap steel and pig iron. There are 4-5 petals, and multiple oil cylinders ensure that the gripping force is large enough to ensure that the material will not leak.

It can replace manpower in various harsh environments to handle irregular and bulk materials such as scrap steel, pig iron, ore, and garbage. There are two types: rotatable and non-rotating grabs.

We are advancing courageously along the road of 'groupization, industrialization, specialization, and internationalization' and continue to contribute to the Electro Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab (Stone orange peel grab) industry all over the world. We attach great importance to the investment in scientific research and the introduction of high-quality professionals. Our company has a good research and development foundation, focusing on continuous innovation according to market demand.
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