Sany Excavator Bucket Ditch Bucket 400mm Width

Sany Excavator Bucket Ditch Bucket 400mm Width
Product Details
We supply Rotary Vibrating Screen, Wedge Wire Welded Panel, Vibrating Motor to trading companies or domestic market in the past years, and established our reputation with good quality and reasonable price. We continuously improve the level of operation to achieve the goal of thinking what customers think and what they need. We adhere to the people-oriented principle and always focus on meeting the needs of customers. From strict selection of materials to logistics and distribution, the complete service makes your selection and use more convenient, safe and efficient!


Different width and shapes such as rectangular, trapezoidal, and triangular are available to meet different operation conditions. Different sizes are available and also custom-made is welcome.


The ditch buckets are mainly used to dig trenches for water conservancy, highways, agriculture and some pipelines. Excavation of trenches of various shapes, trenches are formed at one time. Generally, no trimming is required, and the operation efficiency is high.

We use innovation to increase the added value of products and technologies, and emphasize the high added value of our Sany Excavator Bucket Ditch Bucket 400mm Width. In the long-term actual production and processing process, we have accumulated very rich experience. At the same time, we will continue to adjust products and services to meet customer needs with unique solutions. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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