Control Cabinets

Control Cabinets
Product Details

The control cabinet is the matching equipment for the vibrating screen. The operation of motor is controlled by frequency conversion and power frequency in two ways. This system is easy & quick operating, anti-jamming and stable performance.  It can be designed for controlling one or multiple screens.

Main Function

1. Power Switching and Protection. Low vlotage plastic case circuit breakers are connected with input electrical source in the control system, Besides conneting or clearing the circuit, it can also provider overload protection when short circuit happens at circuit or converter and cut ff electricity while maintaining. 

2.Frequency (speed) ajustment. Output frequency of converter can be adjusted through control panel to control the rotational speed of electric machine.

3.Transient strong vibration. Transient strong vibration can be set to prevent the mesh from blockage according to field condition.

4.Working condition display. Voltmeter, ammeter, power, alarm Indication, operation indication are set on frequency converter panel, which can monitor the input voltage of frequency converter, output electricity and all kinds of working conditions.

5.Spare power frequency switching

Switching conversion and power frequency function, switching motor to power frequency electrical source through controlling return circuit when malfunction hanppens at the frequency converter.