Magnetic-vibrating Screen(MVSz Screen)

Magnetic-vibrating Screen(MVSz Screen)
Product Details

MVS SCREEN(Magnetic-vibrating screen)

General Introduction:

1. The vibration on the deck is jointly done by two systems: linear and electronic exciter. With a strong intensity and a high freqnecy(50Hz), electromagnetic vibration makes the material down the sieve easily; with a large amplitude, a low frequency(16 ot 25Hz) and a throwing force the linear vibration facilitates an easy loosening and conveying for the material. 

2. This kind of vibrating screen is specially designed for brick-making material classification. The advantages are as following: 

a). The high screening efficiency of this series screens can raise the crushers capacity by  reducing the circulating load on crushers. 

b). Their dust enclosure  configuration can greatly reduce the pollution of flying dust to the environment, thus improving the workersoperation conditions. 

c). This vibrating screen can acquire the product with different size at the same time for it has two layers.


Model: 2FMVS2435

Stack: 2 

Working Area: 8.4 Square Meters

Capacity: 17~67t/h*set (According to different feeding size)